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Sell Gold for Cash in Chandigarh

Becoming a Problem?

Welcome to HNS Gold, one of the Best gold buyers in Chandigarh. With our commendable services aimed to make your gold selling a pleasant experience, we will give you the best price no gold buyer has offered before.

  1. Your gold will be fully valued at 100%.
  2. Cash and on-the-spot bank transfers are available.
  3. XRF Karat Reading Instrument Made in Germany
  4. There will be no melting of gold.
  5. Free Gold Purity Test for Sell Gold for Cash in Chandigarh
  6. There are no hidden fees
Sell Gold For Cash in Chandigarh

5 Simple Steps to Sell Gold for Cash in Chandigarh

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Deliver Your Gold to Our Location

First, bring your gold to our Chandigarh branch office. Our expert gold buyers in Chandigarh will carry out the following steps in your presence, allowing you to observe the full gold purchase transaction.
Gold checking for sell gold in kolkata

Calculating the Gold Price

Our professionals will then weigh your gold utilising cutting-edge equipment without causing any damage to your vintage jewellery or gold item.
Gold Purity checking in kolkata

German Assessment Technology

Our XRF Karat evaluator is made in Germany and is a cutting-edge device that accurately measures gold in minutes. This is how we can provide our consumers the best price on the market.
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Get the Highest Price

Don't be concerned about the price all at once. We make certain that you get the best market value for your old car. We also ensure that your gold is secure in case you want to buy it back later.
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Immediately Paid

Cash and bank transfer payments are processed instantly. Forget about selling gold and waiting for the proceeds to arrive in your bank account. With our fast cash option, HNS Gold eliminates the need to wait.

Do not allow other Gold Buyers in Chandigarh take away your gold value in vain. Sell to HNS Gold and get more than just the highest prices and immediate payment.

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Your Gold is Taken at Face Value at HNs Gold Only

HNS Gold is aware of the factors that lead you to decide to sell your gold and appreciates how upsetting it might be if your problem isn’t resolved as a result of the market’s undervaluation of your earlier gold.


We offer the following in an effort to help you find a way out of your financial jam

Why is HNS Gold the Best Gold Buyer in Chandigarh?

100% Accuracy
In order to maximise your income, we provide the highest price for your old gold.
There are no hidden costs
We will conduct our transactions with you in an open and honest manner. There are no hidden costs or deductions.
Cash or Direct Bank Transfer
You will receive prompt payment for the gold you sell to us, and there is no risk of fraud.
Gold Purity Testing Is Free
We respect your right to fully understand our services before deciding to sell your gold. As a result, there are no fees associated with the gold purity test.
Over 5,000 Happy Customers
Our clientele attest to the high quality and dependability of our services.

Hear it from Our Happy Customers Testimonials

Chandigarh Branch Office

Frequently Asked Questions

All that is required is an original, valid ID and a document proving your address, such as an Aadhaar card, a Pan card, or other official government document.

HNS Gold Company employs an industry-standard valuation technique based on XRF Karat analyzer equipment to eliminate pricing differences and undervaluation quotes.

Yes, gold bars, coins, and jewellery are all acceptable forms of gold at HNS Gold.

HNS Gold assesses your gold by using the market rate

HNS Gold Buying Company purchases all forms of gold, including jewellery, coins, bars, and scrap gold.

HNS Gold Buying Company determines the value of gold based on factors such as its weight, purity, and current market price.

The process typically involves visiting one of our authorised locations, where your gold will be assessed, and you will receive an offer based on its value.

 Yes, HNS Gold Buying Company offers free evaluations of gold without any obligation to sell.

 HNS Gold Buying Company offers various payment methods, including cash, check, or bank transfer.

HNS Gold Buying Company buys gold from both individuals and businesses.

HNS Gold Buying Company does not have a minimum amount requirement. They accept gold in any quantity.

HNS Gold Buying Company operates in specific locations. Please check their website or contact their customer service for the list of authorised locations.

 Yes, HNS Gold Buying Company accepts gold in any condition, including damaged or broken pieces.

Generally, a valid government-issued ID, such as a passport or driver’s licence, is required to sell gold to HNS Gold Buying Company.

Yes, HNS Gold Buying Company strives to offer competitive prices based on the current market rates for gold.

In most cases, appointments are not necessary. Walk-ins are usually welcome during the business hours of their authorized locations.

Yes, HNS Gold Buying Company provides a receipt or documentation for the gold sold, outlining the details of the transaction.

HNS Gold Buying Company may occasionally offer special promotions or bonuses. It’s best to check their website or inquire with their customer service for any ongoing offers.

HNS Gold BuYes, HNS Gold Buying Company ensures the privacy and security of customer transactions and treats all information with strict confidentiality.


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