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Forget the days when you had to go to the company to sell your gold. Now, make the company visit you and you sell gold from home. The highest price of your old gold in the market paired with the convenience of selling gold at our doorstep.

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Selling Gold at Doorstep


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    4 Simple Steps to Sell Gold at Doorstep

    Place a Call to us

    Step 1 is to give us a call and our experts will be there promptly to buy your gold. We bring our own equipment for the process to be smoother.

    We Measure Your Gold

    The next step is to measure your old gold. We look for any quality assurance document you may have and finalize the authenticity of the bullion or gold.

    Deciding on the Price

    Once the measurement is done, we finalize the payment. We make sure you are paid the highest amount the market can offer.


    When you sell gold at home, you get paid at home too. This is the step where we make the payment in cash or kind.

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    Look nowhere else if you are looking for the current price of gold in Kolkata.


    24k Gold Rate per 10 Gram


    22k Gold Rate per 10 Gram




    Rs. 58,000/-

    Higher Price from the Convenience of Your Home

    Why go to the branch when we bring you the branch at your home. Now sell gold at doorstep with HNS Gold. Just give us a call and have your gold sold at the highest price you can get.

    Do you Know?

    What is the Gold Rate History Trend of the Last 10 Years?


    Price (24 karat per 10 grams)



























    Why Sell Gold at Doorstep?

    1. Convenience: Selling gold from home can be more convenient than going to a physical store or pawn shop. You can use online platforms or mail-in services to conduct the transaction from the comfort of your home.
    2. Safety and Security: Selling gold from home can eliminate the need to carry valuable items around, reducing the risk of theft or loss during travel.
    3. Privacy: Some people prefer to keep their financial transactions private, and selling gold from home can offer more anonymity compared to in-person sales.
    4. Time Flexibility: Selling from home allows you to choose a time that works best for you to engage with potential buyers or mail your gold when it’s convenient.

    Why Sell Your Gold from Home at HNS Gold

    Absolute accuracy

    We give the greatest money for your unwanted gold in order to help you make the most money possible.

    There are no hidden costs.

    We will always be fair and straightforward in our dealings with you. There are no hidden costs or fees.

    Methods of Payment: Cash or Bank Transfer

    When you sell your gold to us, you will be paid fast and securely.

    There is no cost to test for gold purity.

    You have the right to ask any questions you may have before deciding to sell your gold to us. As a result, the gold purity test is free of charge.

    With over 5,000 happy customers

    Our prior clients can attest to the quality and dependability of our services.

    Have a Question

    No, home visit is a free service we give our clients. We help them catch up with their busy schedules.

    We occasionally run some offers for our clients. So, if you are to avail an offer by us that you see, you can directly contact me.

    Yes, we have the provision of paying our customers in cash even when we buy their gold from their homes.