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Why I should choose HNS?

At HNS, we offer only the best value for your gold as per the current market price. We ensure that your Gold is valued using the latest XRF KARAT reading technology right in front of your eyes, as well as ensure that you have the most convenient experience at HNS in terms of documentation process and payment.

How will my gold be valued or tested at HNS?

At HNS, we test your gold in multiple ways so that the purity of your gold is as accurate as it can be. First, we test the weight of your gold using a weighing machine, followed by which, we test your gold manually. In the end, we test your gold using a German Made XRF technology which is the most precise tool of all.

What documents are needed to exchange or Sell my gold for cash at HNS?

There are certain documents that you need to provide at HNS during the Cash For Gold Exchange Process.


  • 1. Address Proof : Aadhar Card / Passport / Voter ID Card/ Any other Government Issued Address Proof *
  • 2. Identity Proof : Aadhar Card / Passport / Driver’s License / PAN Card / Any other Government Issued Address proof *
  • 3. Gold Purchase Proof : Original Purchase bill of where the gold was purchased from

Apart from the above documents, we also have certain documents that need to be filled up at HNS.

  • 1. Duly Filled Application Form generated by System *
  • 2. Customer Photo through Webcam *
  • 3. KYC Documentation *
* Means Mandatory Document
What time do you operate on regular days?

We are open from 9.30 Am to 6 PM , Monday to Saturday. We also serve on Sundays if a customer requests for our services.

Where are you Located?


The cities in which we have an office are – Guwahati, Kolkata, Bangalore, Attibele & Hosur.


Noonmati: HNS Gold Private Limited. 2nd Floor, Bahadur Complex Near Vandana Cinema Hall, New, Maniram Dewan Road, Noonmati, Guwahati, Assam 781020

Lachit Nagar: 2nd Floor Anandi Commercial Complex, GS Road, Near Datamation Bora Service, Ulubari, Guwahati, Assam 781007

Six Mile: GS Rd, Saraswati market ,2nd Floor, Above SBI Branch Sixmile, Near GNRC Hospital Sixmile fly over Sixmile Beltala, Guwahati, Assam 781022


4B Ground Floor,Opp Indian Gem & Jewellery, Woodstreet, Park street area Kolkata, West Bengal – PHONE 6001803828, KOLKATA, West Bengal 700016


#1161 Jinan Towers 2nd Floor 24th Cross 24th Main, 2nd Sector Garden Layout HSR Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka 560102


1st Floor Venkat Swammy Reddy Building, Jigla Cross, Opp: Sri Venkateshwara Hi Tech Convention Hall, Sarjapura Rd, Attibele, Karnataka 562107


Ground Floor, Chunnambu teri, MG Rd, Opposite choti masjid, Hamumanthapuram, Kamaraj Colony, Hosur, Tamil Nadu 635109

What Payment Options do you offer?

We have the following payment options available for our customers.

  1. Cash
  2. RTGS
  3. NEFT
  4. IMPS
  5. GooglePay
Do you release Gold Loan Accounts?

Yes! We release Gold Loans on behalf of our customers. To know more about this service, you need to provide us with the following documents.

  • 1. Pawn ticket or Receipt: If Gold Loan was taken from a pawn shop
  • 2. Gold Loan Receipt or Agreement: If Gold Loan was taken from an authorized Gold Loan Company or a Bank.
Why should I Sell or Exchange my Gold for Cash when I can simply opt for Gold Loan?

There are three-fold losses that our customers often face, which is why the demand for our Gold Loan Rescue service is growing everyday.

  • 1. We provide a 100% rate for your Gold, while you only get approximately 70% value for your Gold when you opt for Gold Loan
  • 2. No Interest payments , No Penalty , No Harrasment Call
  • 3. No danger of Auction Threat.
  • 4. Enrol for Monthly Gold Investment Plan and buy Gold back later from HNS Gold.
Why Pledging Gold is risky and an overall Financial Loss for me?

Gold Loans never offer 100% value for your gold, and there is also the liability of interest and Loan Capital Repayment. Oftentimes, due to defaulting on interest payments, gold loan companies auction your gold which results in loss of your gold, the interests you already paid. Not to mention that you already got a lower value for your gold in the beginning.

Why HNS Gold is the best?

We are an Authorized , Certified and Specialized Gold Buying company, and we are also obsessed with providing only the best to our customers, be it price, hallmark jewelry purchase with a discounted making charge , Or Monthly Gold Investment Plan.

What are the benefits if I sell my Gold at HNS?

At HNS, we offer only the best value for your gold as per the current market price. We ensure that your Gold is valued using the latest XRF technology right in front of your eyes, as well as ensure that you have the most convenient experience at HNS in terms of documentation process and payment.

Is the Gold Valuation and Testing Service at HNS chargeable?

No! We evaluate, weigh, and check your gold for its purity absolutely free of cost.

Do you deduct gold weight?

No! At HNS we do not deduct any gold weight. Our services are completely transparent and our Gold testing procedures are completely accurate.

Is there any risk of Damage to my Gold during the Testing or valuation process?

No! There is absolutely no risk of damage to your gold ornament during testing. It is 100% safe and accurate.

Can I avail Gold Loan facilities at HNS?

We are a Gold Buying Company and therefore do not offer Gold Loan facilities to our customers. We also encourage and frequently host workshops, conferences, and colloquiums to educate our customers about the risks of Gold Loan.

Can I sell my pledged Gold at HNS Gold?

Yes! We release Gold Loans on behalf of our customers. To know more about this service, you need to provide us with the following documents.

  • 1. Pawn ticket or Receipt: If Gold loan was taken from a Pawn shop
  • 2. Gold Loan Receipt or Agreement: If Gold Loan was taken from authorized Gold Loan Company or a Bank.
Do you also buy Silver?

Yes! We also buy Silver Jewellery and ornaments.

How do I release my Pledged Gold?

Walk into your nearest HNS branch and consult our Gold Loan Rescue Expert. Our Expert will verify your document and educate you on the benefits of rescuing your gold loans.

Once you agree to release your pledged gold with HNS, our executive will accompany you to the organization where you took your Gold Loan from, and release your gold loan.

After the release is made, the gold will be brought back to HNS and then valued. The difference amount or gold worth the difference amount will be provided to you after the transaction.

How do I sell my gold at the best rate?

Just Choose HNS!

Why do you need both my ID Proof & Address Proof?

At HNS we ensure that the gold our customers approach us with is not smuggled, stolen, or originates from any other illegal sources. We therefore require Valid Address Proof, KYC documents and Tele-Verification process to be carried out in order to avoid such fraudulent activities.

What is the market size of your sector?

Gold has an immense foothold in Indian markets; its growth over the past few decades is remarkable. Even though India is the second-largest consumer of this precious yellow metal, accounting for 25 percent of the world’s consumption. However, we are not able to produce it locally from the mines or utilise the 25,000 tons of gold accumulated in the Indian household. Which is worth around Rs 110 lakh crore, 85 percent of the gold supply in India is primarily met through imports, less than one per cent coming from local mining and about 10 percent from recycling.

Recycling of gold is a great initiative and is very crucial to India’s gold supply chain. Gold buying is the highest provider of used gold to the recycling industry, accounting for 90 to 95 percent. This segment is highly unorganized and probably the organized market share is around 10 percent or even less.

What is the impact of our business on our customers and what challenges do we face?

Every customer that comes into our branches is typically doing so because they have a need. Our service of buying gold has been able to successfully fill a gap in the market that existed before. Everyone may have gold but you still need an option or a place to liquidate it in your time of need. That’s where White Gold steps in. We have been able to help over a lakh people in their time of need.

Also by being a technology-driven company, we have tried our best to introduce market-leading practices in testing and valuation. Thus, creating a new benchmark for the industry itself and slowly revolutionizing the way things work in gold buying.

As I mentioned earlier, gold buying is a huge and predominantly unorganized market. This has, over the years, created a stigma towards the industry in general. A perception exists that gold buying companies are fraudulent and they provide less money for what the gold is worth. We at White Gold believe that technology, transparency, and process are the best way to change this perception and have strived towards it over the last three years.

How are you using digital technologies in your business journey?

We have a qualified team of professionals running the backend from our head office. The team comprises of experts in each field to ensure smooth functioning of the same. We have strict processes put in place so as to reduce the risk and create efficiency in all areas.

The customers’ gold is tested by the best gold spectrometers so they get an exact breakdown of the gold and alloys present in their jewellery down to the milligram. The data is then transferred to our Head Office and stored safely so it can never be tampered with or altered at any cost. All our customer data entry is done seamlessly on a tab using our own proprietary software. Then, finally, the customer will receive his payment digitally so as to avoid any confusion at all.

This entire process can be completed in a matter 30 minutes so the customer can carry on without much hassle. We try to eliminate the chance of human error so as to always provide the best to the customer.

Our entire marketing has always been digitally driven. Even though almost all of the competitors choose to use more traditional means of marketing, we have always been digital-focused from day one. In fact, over 80 percent of our marketing spends have always been digital and it has helped keep costs low and volumes high.

We have also created a tool on our website to calculate/estimate the value of the gold the customer wants to sell. They can easily fill in the details and use the tool to help them determine the expected value of their gold.

What are your future plans?

The plan is to be the largest organized gold buyer across India with at least15 branches in Tare 1 and Tare Cities as well all the state. We will expand our network of branches to 100 by 2022 year and expand into one new state every year.

The goal in the next five years is to have a network of 500 branches buying over 6,000 kg of gold per annum. Over the course, we will also aim to start all the Financial Distribution Products under our Flagship. This will allow us to cater to the entire spectrum of needs our customers may have.

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