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Find it Hard to

Best Sell Gold in Kolkata

at a Good Price?

Welcome to HNS Gold, we are industry leader Best Sell Gold in Kolkata buying your old gold at 100% value in the market offered nowhere else.

  1. Full 100% Valuation of Your Gold
  2. On-the-spot Bank Transfer and Cash Options
  3. German-Made XRF Karat Reading
  4. No gold melting.
  5. Free Gold Purity Test
  6. No Hidden Charges
Best Sell Gold in Kolkata

5 Simple Steps to Sell Gold in Kolkata

Gold Buyer in Kolkata

Visit Our Brach Office

Firstly, you deliver your gold at our branch office in Kolkata. Our expert gold buyers in Kolkata will then carry out the further process in your presence so you witness the whole gold buying process.
Gold checking for sell gold in kolkata

Gold Weighing

Looking to sell gold in Kolkata? Our experts will then weigh your gold that uses cutting-edge technology without damaging your old jewellery or gold piece.
Gold Purity checking in kolkata

German Made Technology Values Your Gold

Sell your gold in Kolkata and get the best market value with our German-made XRF Karat equipment. Recollect that our prices are by far the best among Kolkata's other gold buyers.
Looking to Sell gold in kolkata

Price Analysis

We assess the value of your gold using appropriate procedures and professional standards.
Gold buyer in kolkata

Quick Payment by Bank Transfer or Cash

Forget about selling your old gold when you had to wait for the funds to be deposited into your account.

With our fast cash option to Sell Gold in Kolkata, HNS Gold eliminates the need to wait.

Sell gold in kolkata

Free Gold Valuation Test availableto
Sell Gold in Kolkata!

You may take a Free Gold Valuation Test!

Get a Complimentary Gold Valuation Test!

Find out the value of your gold for free!

Gold Purity checking in kolkata

Best Gold Buyer in Kolkata who takes Good Care of Your Gold

Sell Gold in Kolkata with HNS Gold and get the best value for your precious metals. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to fair prices.


We assess your old gold at the highest amount possible because it could help you with your financial needs.

Every gram of old gold you sell to HNS Gold will earn
cash back.

Why Put Your Trust in Sell Gold in Kolkata?

100% Valuation
In order to maximize your profits, we give the best payment for your old gold.
No Hidden Charges
Our business with you will be transparent. No hidden costs or deductions.
Instant Cash or Bank Transfer
Get immediate payment for the gold you sell to us without worrying about any kind of cheating .
Free Gold Purity Test
We respect your right to truly understand us before deciding to sell your gold. Therefore, no charges IN HNS GOLD for the gold purity test.
5000+ Happy Customers
Our customers claim our services to be very satisfactory and reliable.

Hear it from Our Happy Customers Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can sell your used gold jewellery to HNS Gold Company since they are one of the oldest and most reputable gold buyers in Kolkata as well as all of India right now, and they pay you right away for your used gold.

All you need to provide is an original, valid ID and an address proof, such as an Aadhar or Pan card or any other govt approved documents.

In order to prevent price mismatches and undervaluation quotes, HNS Gold Company uses the industry-standard valuation process, which is based on XRF Karat analyzer equipment.

Since HNS Gold Company is the top gold buyer in Kolkata and throughout India, you may sell your hallmarked and unhallmarked gold jewellery to them.

Absolutely, we at HNS Gold accept all kinds of gold items, including gold bars, gold coins, and gold jewellery.

HNS Gold evaluates your gold using the current market price.

Naturally, you may sell your used gold jewellery to HNS Gold Company for the greatest possible price.

Yes, we do buy your old gold and pay you right away.

Our rates are based on the day-to-day online gold price as determined by the present market rate.

Absolutely, the HNS Gold Company buys all varieties of gold jewellery and immediately reimburses customers in cash or via an online bank transfer.

The HNS Gold Company will pay cash for the gold ring.

We pay the going rate for all forms of gold jewellery, and we use a German-made XRF Karat Reading Machine to determine the purity of the metal, giving you an accurate estimate of its value.

Sure, HNS Gold Company immediately makes the payment by online bank transfer (Within 2 Minutes )

No, we purchase the products to melt them down, making it irrelevant what condition they are in.

We are quite likely to buy whatever gold you have to sell, so feel free to visit our nearest branch office for the best price on your used and damaged gold for instant fund


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