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Trying to Sell Gold in the Park Street Area in Kolkata?
Contact the best gold buyers in park street area here and sell you gold at its best price.

About the Branch and Gallery

HNS Gold has been one of the best Gold Buyers in Park Street Area in Kolkata for about a decade now. Being one of the best, we also aim to provide the highest price for your old gold in the market. We have satisfied many happy clients in the park street area and so we have grown and experienced a large part of the gold buying market.

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    What We Do


    We Buy Your Old Gold

    HNS Gold has been known by its customers to pay the highest price of old gold. Therefore, we sell more because we give better prices.


    Gold Loan Settlement

    We help you release pledged gold or settle your gold loan at banks or other institutions. This we do to help you get rid of the financial pressure of paying interests.


    Your Instant Money Solution

    Get instant money for your financial crisis with HNS Gold. Get your old gold to pay for your crisis.

    How We are Different From Other Gold Buyers in Park Street Area

    Gold Testing
    While other gold buyers in Park Street Area in Kolkata use ordinary systems to test old gold, our technology is German XRF evaluator.
    We give our customers the accuracy of gold selling with a clear process that helps them be satisfied with our services.
    We have multiple branches across India for better customer service.
    Highest Rate
    Unlike other gold buyers, we offer you to sell gold in park street area at the highest gold rates available in the market.
    Safety First
    We know the gold selling process is risky and fraudulent but we assure our customers of our safe and fool-proof process.

    Documents Required to Sell Gold in Park Street Area

    Aadhaar Card

    Produce your Aadhaar card for an easy KYC process.

    Photo ID Proof

    We need some identity proof of the seller.

    Gold Selling Receipt (if any)

    We also ask for a gold receipt of the gold being sold if there is any.

    What Our Customers Have to Say

    Have a Question

    Yes, we prefer buying hallmarked gold as it is the purest gold there is in the market.

    We at HNS Gold instantly pay you through bank transfers.

    We give you the best price in the market. Please refer to our chart for more details.

    We recognise that gold jewellery can frequently take up important space in your jewellery box by being left unused. So why not put it to use again rather than having it stay there getting dust?

    Giving your unwanted scrap jewellery a fresh start on life can be as simple as selling it to a reputable Gold Buyer like HNS Gold Buying Company. This increases your investment return and profit by twice.

    We buy all types of ornaments and gold coins and gold Bar silver in various purities. We don’t buy plated items. If you are unsure of whether your items are plated, still Bring  them to us for testing. We will test them and let you know. Any items that can’t be purchased are returned free of charge.

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