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Best Gold Loan Settlement and Solutions

Best Gold Loan Settlement & Solutions in Bangalore, India


Share your loan borrower copy (Loan Receipt) With our branch or call center executive through WhatsApp. They will do verify and quote an approximate valuation through online

Best Gold Loan Settlement & Solutions in Bangalore, India


Once the valuation information shared with the customer then customer needs to visit our nearest branch for documentation process

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Once the Gold Release is done from the Concerned Bank or Non Banking Institution , Our Executive will do Final Valuation with a German Made XRF Karat Reading Machine ​at Our branch Office.

Gold Buying Cash On the Spot


Once the Final Valuation is done and The Our Brach Executive will Transfer the Excess Amount to the Customer Bank Account at the spot

Should you pledge your Gold ,
or sell some of them?

Gold Loan Settlement and Solutions

Why do people pledge gold?

People pledge their gold mostly when they are facing a financial crisis, be it related to health or education or marriage ceremony. Many people prefer to take a gold loan or pledge their gold because there is always the hope that they may get their gold jewellery and other valuables back even if they are paying an extra hefty sum of interest. Often the sentiments and feelings attached to the valuables prevents people from selling it. However, they need to realize that gold loans aren’t always the safest option for them and they stand to lose more than they can gain from such a decision.

gold loan settlement or solutions

What type of gold can be pledged? Gold is basically weighted on the basis of their purity level. Gold bars or coins will ensure a higher amount because there are no other stones attached to them. However in case of gold jewellery studded with other precious types of stones, only the gold part will be taken into consideration while availing for the gold loan. However, this will not ensure full value of the ornaments, you will receive upto 70% of the jewellery’s total estimate. The gold is then said to be kept safely until and unless you pay the full amount along with interest and buy your gold back. However is taking a gold loan that easy or that safe for your valuables?

Best Gold Loan Settlement & Solutions in Bangalore, India
Best Gold Loan Settlement & Solutions

Eligibility of gold loan settlement!

According to the rules, a person must be above the age of 18 and should be allowed to transact in order to sell or pledge their gold valuables. People between the age of 18 and 21 should have their family members or legal guardians with written permissions and their documentation. The seller must carry the necessary documents required during the time of selling or pledging their gold like address proof and ID proof for verification. The seller is eligible to sell only those items which are purchased or inherited and if it belongs to their spouse then they must have written consent for it. The seller is not allowed to sell any items belonging to someone else like their friends or relatives or items which have been stolen. Nowadays it is a very common practice for people to pledge their gold, jewellery or any other valuable ornaments in exchange of cash for their own personal or professional needs. However this process may prove to be a burden for many people because of the heavy rates of interest which are added to the initial amount of the gold loan. Many a times, customers may fail to pay the amount and the gold may be auctioned off to meet the required amount of money. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the customers to think about sales or even get the full value of their gold, which may prove to be a huge loss for the customer.

HNS Gold Company helps in gold loan settlement

There are many people who are unsuccessful in repaying the loan amount after they have pledged their gold. This is because along with the principal amount they also have to repay a huge sum of interest which is added. Gold can be a great investment and in situations of financial need like starting a new business, marriage, educational, medical or any other need, it can prove to be of great help. When after pledging your gold, if you find it difficult to repay the loan amount at the mortgaged gold or jewellery auction, you can stand to lose the real value of your valuables. Even the banks do not support or understand the details of the pledged gold and in order to recover the losses, they may decide to auction off the gold for a much lesser price than its initial amount. This adds all the more to your stress level and you have also lost the real value of your gold.

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If your income flow has been impacted and debt has become an issue, you can consider liquidating part of your gold assets. While gold is traditionally considered an asset for unprecedented times, one must not get emotional about selling a part of it to repay a loan or your urgent financial needs , especially since prices have risen significantly over the last 15 years. Don’t let emotions come in between. One needs to be rational about it. Since one has gone through an unprecedented crisis, don’t borrow but you can sell and come to an end solution . You can always buy it back later when the situation improves but if you could go for a gold loan the same amount to pay back and clear the dues for releasing your gold ornaments, but you must pay hefty interest as well penal charges etc if you could miss out on a regular due date.

Documents Required to Release Pledged Gold

Original Pledge or Pawn Ticket

A valid ID Proof

A valid and latest Address Proof

Passport size photo

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