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We see immense scope in the Gold En Cash(Re-Selling ) market as financial distress due to Market Crash ,Pandemic, has increased demand for Encash / sell the gold jewellery, gold coin across low-to-medium income households.

Earlier people used to pledge their gold. Due to the emotional value associated with gold, people pledge their gold as collateral and secure a short-term loan rather than selling it,The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio while pledging gold is 75%: The borrower will get only 75% of the value of the gold that he or she pledges against the loan. If the borrower fails to repay the loan, he or she will have suffered a loss, as they will not have got the full value of the gold. The best option is to sell the gold and get its full value during an emergency situation. The borrower can always buy back gold in stages from the market when their financial position improves. On top of this, the interest rate from gold loan non-banking financial corporations (NBFCs) in this era of low-rate regime works out to 12-24 %."

Many people can decide to sell gold or jewellery when they have to face a financial crisis in their life. When you sell gold, you are guaranteed to get the highest possible (99 %) value for the gold by keeping in mind the current market prices. However the most important thing to keep in mind while you sell gold is the company and whether they are legit and you can trust them with your gold. Therefore, we suggest you try out HNS Gold if you are someone who is looking to sell gold. We are one of the leading gold buyers in India and over the years we have expanded our branches in many parts of Indian States Like -Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Westbengal, Assam, Punjab , Imphal, Meghalaya so on..

Reasons why you should choose HNS Gold to sell gold

1. Use of advanced technology –​:​ There are many gold buyers who still use age-old practices of melting your gold to check the purity level which may result in losing a small portion of your gold and not getting the total estimated value. However, we at HNS gold use German advanced technology such as XRF Karat Reading machines to check the purity, value and weight of your gold. We do not need to melt your gold to find out the total estimate and our advanced technology ensures that you get the best possible deals on your gold even if it is old or broken.

2. Practice Transparency –​:​ We use ultrasonic machines to clean and evaluate the gold right in front of our customers and this process is free of cost. We can ensure that there are no malpractices involved and our customers will get the full benefits of their gold.

3. Pricing –​: ​We keep the current market prices in mind and the gold is evaluated at that so there are no misunderstandings or doubts in the minds of our customers.

4. Most trusted gold buyer in India – ​:​ HNS Gold has kept in mind the vision that has been laid down by the Government of India for the Indian Gold Industry and is one of the first national level organized sector company that has gotten into the recycling of gold. Our company has rescued a lot of people in their times of financial need and also saved people who have pledged their gold for cash and are now unable to repay the loan amount. Our company encourages customers to sell their gold instead of opting for any other options which may not be that safe or reliable and we can guarantee complete transparent and honest methods when our clients come to sell gold.

5. Immediate full value of the gold –​: ​ When customers come to sell gold, after proper evaluation the payment is made on the spot, either in cash or​ Online ​ bank transfer, as in convenience with the customer.

Best Gold Buyer in India
Sell your Gold in HNS Gold Buying Company

Documents required when you sell gold in HNS Gold Company

Documents required when you sell gold in HNS Gold Company When you decide to sell gold in India, there are many buyers who will ask for the receipts. However, we understand that your gold can be a family heirloom or can be brought from your local jeweler who may not provide you with an invoice or bill. When you choose HNS Gold as the company to sell gold, you are guaranteed to get the full and the highest possible value for your gold by keeping in mind the ongoing prices in the market. The following are the documents required while selling gold

1. Bill/Invoice – The purity of the gold is the most important element when you decide to sell gold. Therefore a bill/invoice which mentions the same is important during the process where the purity has been specifically mentioned.

2. ID proof – You need to be above the age of 18 when you decide to sell gold and for this, ID Proof is a must. (PAN Card, Adhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, Passport etc)

3. Address proof – Driver’s License, Passport or electricity/gas/telephone bills can be submitted as your address proof.

How to sell gold jewellery for cash/bank payment on the spot?

HNS Gold has made it easy for the people to sell gold as we provide transparent and easy methods by using modern technologies and by providing rates based on the current ongoing market prices. • We are renowned as the most trustworthy old gold buyer in India and we have established our branches all over the country. Visit your nearest HNS Gold Private Limited Branch to find out the best deals for your gold. • Our customer care executives will weigh the gold in front of you by using modern technologies. • The purity of the gold is done by ultrasonic machines and the weight is evaluated (in grams) right in front of you. • The current gold price in the market is used to determine the value of your gold. • Once you agree to the value, you can decide to receive payment either in cash or by bank transfer via NEFT, IMPS/RTGS.

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