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Now Get Instant Bank Transfer From the Most Trusted Gold Buyers in Delhi

With over 7 years of Experience in gold buying, HNS Gold offers never-before-seen payouts for your gold.

1) German-Made XRF Karat Reading
2) Full 100% Valuation of Your Gold
3) On-Spot Bank Transfer and Cash Options
4) No Gold Melting

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    Gold Buying Procedure

    best gold buyer in delhi

    Bring Your Old gold To our Branch office!

    HNS Gold Expert Employees

    Witness your gold being weighed in your presence.

    Free Gold Purity Checking

    Our German made XRF Karat machine values your gold.

    Free Gold Purity Checking

    Your Gold price is evaluated within minutes based on purity.

    Fast Payment System

    Payment by cash or instant bank transfer.

    How HNS Gold is the
    Best Gold Buyer to Cash Your Gold

    100% Secure and Trust

    100% Safe and Secure

    Free Gold Purity Checking available in HNS Gold Buying Company

    Full 100% Valuation of Your Gold

    best gold buyer in delhi

    No Hidden Charges

    best gold buyer in delhi

    Free Gold Purity Test

    100000 Happy Customers, HNS Gold Buying Company

    Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers

    You Leave on Our Table

    Your Old Gold, Your Hidden Investment

    Get the best answer to your query ‘gold buyers near me’ and the best value for your old gold at one of the most trusted gold buyers in Delhi, HNS Gold. We are known for our transparency with the customer and our flexible golf buying policies. Our purity checker is 100% accurate and our valuation of your old gold is a ‘never-before-seen’ rate.

    Free Gold Purity Checking
    best gold buyer in delhi

    Facing Issues with the Gold Buying Companies in Delhi?

    best gold buyer in delhi

    Is your gold not being valued to its optimal purity?

    Are you confused about the evaluation of gold for cash?

    Are you concerned about getting cheated by gold buyers?

    Don’t trust your current gold buyers to transfer the money for your gold?

    Well, now that you have found HNS Gold, you can set your worries aside and get the full value of your old gold instantly!

    best gold buyer in delhi

    Visit the Best Old Gold Buyers in Mayur Vihar Phase II

    HNS Gold is your Gold Jewelry Buyer with total transparency and 100% valuation of your gold.


    You need to be at least 25 years of age.

    Estimation is provided free of cost.

    No, we Don’t charge any transaction fee.

    We are open from 9.30 Am to 6 PM , Monday to Saturday. We also serve on Sundays if a customer requests for our services.

    The gold purity check and KYC takes 5-10 minutes. Then the transfer is immediate.

    Yes you can, as long as you have the original purchase bill and the correct KYC documents.

    Yes, just carry your address proof and photo ID proof.

    No, your ornaments will not be damaged during the testing process.

    Valuation is done based on a purity check. We use german spectrometers and precision weighing scales. This takes a maximum of 15 minutes.

    Payment is done Through Cash or Bank Transfer

    Simple, just bring your Aadhaar card. If you don’t have an Aadhaar card, carry one Photo ID and one Address Proof.